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Greener Home Heat Pump Rebates Through Canada's Greener Home Grant

The Greener Homes Grant is a program that allows Ottawa Homeowners to receive from $125 to $10,000 for eligible home retrofits. As of April 2024 the program has shifted to instead offer low interest loans and support for low income individuals.

We specialize in having a heat pump installed in your Ottawa home that qualifies for the Greener Home Grant.

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Steps To Receive The Greener Home Grant (Heat Pump)

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Step 1: Does My Home Qualify?

The majority of homes in Ottawa qualify for the Greener Homes Grant. There are some residences however that DO NOT qualify. We have put together an easy online questionnaire to see if you qualify for the Greener Home Heat Pump Grant.

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Step 2: Home Energy Audit

If your home qualifies for the Greener Home Grant you need to have a home energy audit completed in order to receive the rebate. Note audits are paid up front and $600 is reimbursed through the rebate after the heat pump is installed.

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Step 3: Choose Heat Pump

Certain models of heat pumps qualify for the Greener Homes Rebate with more being approved everyday. Our Greener Home experts offer fast and free heat pump quotes with qualifying units that meet the requirements needed for the Grant.

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Step 4: Have A Qualifying Heat Pump Installed

Once agreeing to a qualifying Greener Home heat pump, the product will be installed by our licensed and insured technicians at your home in the Greater Ottawa Area. Note that the installation will be paid for in advance (bridge financing available OAC).

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Step 5: Complete The In Depth Post Energy Audit

The post energy audit is a report card of sorts that shows how the heat pump has increased the efficiency of your home. It is required to receive the Greener Home Rebate. We will facilitate this audit for your utmost convenience.

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Step 6: Receive Greener Home Rebate

At this point you are eligible to be reimbursed up to $10,600 for your energy efficient retrofit & audit. NOTE: The program is currently not accepting new applicants (April 2024). Low interest 10 year loans still available.

By following these easy steps you can take advantage of one of the most generous grants in Ottawa history. All while doing your part to lower your carbon footprint while increasing your home's efficiency!

Greener Home Grant Questions and Answers

Our goal is to provide transparent and reliable information about the Greener Home Grant directly to homeowners in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We also encourage you to view our blog for more information about the Greener Home Grant, heat pumps, and to find other useful information specifically written for Ottawa Homeowners looking to have a heat pump installed. Our most common questions are listed below:

In order to receive the Greener Home Rebate an Ottawa homeowner must have completed a pre and post energy audit and had a qualifying piece of equipment installed at the residence. The post energy audit is the last step in this process. After this has been completed and received the typical timeframe is 3 to 8 months to receive the Grant (as of July 2023).

In order to receive the Greener Home Grant, the equipment must be installed and the post audit completed. The equipment, installation, and audit must be paid in advance and the work completed prior to receiving the Grant. The answer is YES you will need to pay for the equipment and audit up front, however, we have put together a 6 month deferral financing program at 0% interest. Qualified applicants will be able to avoid a large payment through this program and most will be able to receive the Grant and make a payment on this deferred loan prior to any interest being charged.

There are a number of factors that go into answering this question. We commonly see Ottawa Homeowners receiving enough to cover all or almost all of the heat pump installation and audit cost. The average Ottawa homeowner will pay between $0 to $1000 out of pocket for the energy audit, heat pump equipment and installation after the Grant is received. If customers choose to have a furnace or air handler installed at the same time, the out of pocket cost is typically $5000 to $10000. Note that this program is not accepting new applicants as of April 2024. There are still opportunities for low income households and low interest 10 year financing loans. Contact us for details.

A heat pump is typically way more efficient than an air conditioner. For example, heat pumps that are approved for the Greener Home Grant are rated up to 28 SEER. Popular air conditioners in the Ottawa area are usually 13 to 14 SEER. Due to this increase in efficiency, we commonly see Ottawa Homeowners saving around $20 – $50 dollars per month during the summer on their utility bills. Ottawa homeowners will also experience savings during the spring and fall since a heat pump can heat and cool as necessary.

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