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Energy Audits

Greener Home Energy Audit Information

What Is An Energy Audit?

A Canada Greener Home Energy Audit is a service that helps homeowners identify and implement energy-efficient improvements in their homes.

The audit is conducted by a certified energy advisor who visits the home and assesses its current energy performance. The advisor then provides a report with recommendations for upgrades, such as insulation, windows, heating and cooling systems, and renewable energy sources. The report also estimates the potential energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions from each upgrade.

Homeowners who complete an audit may be eligible for grants from the federal government such as Canada’s Greener Home Grant to help cover the cost of the improvements.

We help Ottawa Homeowners obtain an energy audit that is necessary to receive a Greener Home Heat Pump Rebate.

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Ottawa Energy Audit Questions and Answers

An energy audit consists of three main parts. An energy auditor will first visit your home and conduct a detailed inspection. This typically takes 3-6 hours to complete. Based on this inspection you will receive a detailed report with the findings. This report will verify if you are eligible for the Greener Home Heat Pump Grant and is a necessary part of the process. If you choose to proceed with a heat pump installation, a post audit is required after the installation has been completed (the third step in the process).

Energy auditors are independent contractors that charge fair market value for their auditing services. They work very hard to complete an assessment of your home and to create a detailed inspection report. This often takes 6-10 hours of their time and they are responsible for their own expenses such as transportation to your home. The Greener Home Grant program currently provides a credit of $600 dollars towards the cost of the audit if you choose to have qualifying equipment installed. If you choose not to have anything installed you are responsible for the full cost of the audit.

Please note that the current market rate for an energy audit in Ottawa in the summer of 2023 is $600-700 dollars Canadian. This cost must be paid up front to the audit for their services.

We do not employ energy auditors. In fact, there is a strict ethical code around energy audits to avoid any conflict of interest. As a HVAC contractor, our goal is to assist Ottawa Homeowners with an energy efficient heat pump installation that qualifies for the Greener Home Grant. In order to make this process as simple as possible, we facilitate appointments on homeowners behalf with independent energy auditors (helping with appointment setting only). We also provide this service because we can recommend auditors with the highest code of conduct, experience, and professionalism for our customers.